About Us

Northern Thunder is based in western Wisconsin. We are committed to meaningful advocacy and activism to address local and global issues related to human and natural environments.

This grassroots organization was born as a student group with Earth Day in 1970 and organized many actions and projects around environmental issues through 2008. These included successfully opposing several mining projects, peace and justice work, and an award-winning cable television program, TV Notion. Northern Thunder’s most prominent effort was perhaps the creation of WHYS Radio, Eau Claire’s community radio station.

Our Team

Grassroots Organizing

We are a group of activists committed to being agents of change. The team at Northern Thunder is currently exploring a revival of this organization with a focus on climate change, energy, and environmental action. We are working to re-build an organization that supports our natural ecosystem through an inclusive approach that empowers leaders and volunteers to make lasting and meaningful change in the Upper Midwest.

Diana Witcher - Northern Thunder

Diana Witcher

Lead Organizer

Diana is an artist, designer, and activist based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She is committed to empowering activists, fighting climate change, and protecting natural landscapes.

Jeremy Gragert - Northern Thunder

Jeremy Gragert

Board President

Jeremy is a grassroots organizer based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. His expertise lies in transportation solutions, relational organizing, and clean energy.

Alex Pond

Alex Pond

Board Member

Alex Pond is a political organizer based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He prioritizes relationship building, long term strategy, and effectively organizing for change.

Dan Drumm

Board Secretary

Dan Drumm is an Eau Claire resident, works on the staff at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and is Technical Director at Whys Radio.

Our Values

People First

Northern Thunder recognizes that people are at the center of a sustainable future.

Action Based

Our group works for meaningful action to promote environmental justice.

Future Focused

We believe it is possible to create a sustainable future for the Upper Midwest.

Cooperative Values

We work cooperatively in our communities to empower each other to promote lasting change.